Ozark Hills Coffee

We're a family business located in the Ozark Hills of Missouri. We love excellent home-brewed coffee and we want your home coffee experience to be every bit as delightful as a Seattle coffee house. That starts with the best coffee beans, medium roasted and then quickly delivered to you.

Easy on the Tummy

Our coffees are especially chosen to be enjoyed all day long. That means they have a rich flavor, moderate caffeine level, and low-to-medium acidity. From the start of your day to the last cup in the evening, Ozark Hills Coffee will delight your palate without upsetting your tummy. 

Fair Trade & Small Farms

We believe in Fair Trade and in supporting small farms. Our coffees are single-origin from around the world grown by small farms in Colombia, Brazil, Cameroon, Congo, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatamala, and Kenya. 



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