Ninja Coffee Bar - Our Favorite Coffee Maker

Ninja Coffee Bar - Our Favorite Coffee Maker

If you’re a coffee lover on a budget, you want the best equipment, with the most options, at an affordable price. You’ll find all of that in this system by Ninja.

Single Serve No Pod

Single Serve option for Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer

For individuals on the go, there’s the no-pod single serve option. We used to make a full pot of coffee for the day and then zap it in the microwave as it got room temp. Not good! Now we love that we can brew one cup at a time. We use large mugs. The Ninja brews 12 ounces of coffee for a single serving. 

Coffee Filters

The Ninja comes with a fine-mesh brass filter, but I like to also use the Melitta #4 cone filter to remove all fine particles. Here's a photo of how I fold the edge of the Melitta filter to make it fit snuggly in the Ninja filter holder.  Notice the the fold is narrow at the bottom of the folder and a bit wider at the top. 

fold the Melitta cone filter

This model also offers the ability to choose your brew style. Go for a classic, rich or specialty brew, depending on your mood. Most of the time I use the classic brew.  

What Size Coffee Grounds?

We manually grind our fresh coffee beans with a Porlex burr grinder. I adjust the grinder for a medium grind. I only use the fine grind for French press coffee. 

manual coffee grinder

This Ninja system lets you brew delicious coffee at home one cup at a time or an entire carafe to share with friends. 

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